Skydiving in Georgetown

Skydiving is a fun and exciting adventure sport. Apart from being fun and exciting, skydiving has so many mental and physical health benefits. Dynachute Skydiving Georgetown’s network of skydiving professionals operates in the most spectacular airspace in the Georgetown, South Carolina area! If you have attitude, skydiving Georgetown will provide the altitude! Enjoy the most spectacular scenic flight you’ve ever been on, and then jump out of the plane!

We provide an excellent skydiving experience that will rejuvenate your entire life, help you build the confidence you need to take on challenges, and to give you a fresh perspective on and appreciation of life. Take advantage of this incredible activity today with Dynachute Skydiving Georgetown. Our climb to altitude will offer you spectacular views above Georgetown, SC. Do not miss this opportunity!

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving is the safest and easiest way to make that big dive. At Dynachute Skydiving Georgetown, we make your first jump easy and exciting. Our network of parachuting professionals offer a several methods to complete one of the most memorable experiences of your life; skydiving. For Tandem Skydiving, you are attached to a highly experienced instructor using a parachute designed for two. The skydiving experience begins with a short training course designed to teach you about the equipment, body position, landing techniques, exit, and canopy.

Our professional and friendly instructors will escort you every step of the way to your safe tandem jump. Skydiving Georgetown guarantees you pure exhilaration on your first jump. Skydiving Georgetown offers the most reasonable skydiving cost In South Carolina.

Advanced Skydive Training

If you did a tandem skydive and are ready to take your skydiving experience a notch higher, Skydiving Georgetown offers advanced skydive training to help you step up your game. Advanced skydive training at Skydiving Georgetown provides an opportunity for anyone around Georgetown to go skydiving solo.

We provide training to prepare you for this incredible experience on which you will learn to deploy your own parachute, freefall in the correct body position to fly and land your parachute. Learn to skydive in the Georgetown, SC area with an advanced skydive training course from Skydiving Georgetown today. We have the most affordable advanced skydiving in the region.

Skydiving Gift Certificate

A Skydiving Georgetown gift certificate is the ultimate wedding, birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion gift idea! Book a Tandem skydive gift certificate for your loved one, friend or that special person in your life with Georgetown Skydiving and give a perfect gift.
Surprise that special person with a once in a lifetime gift that they will appreciate. A skydiving gift certificate is guaranteed never to be forgotten! This is the ultimate gift idea and an experience of a lifetime. Allow them to skydive in style!

Skydiving Georgetown prides itself on creating the ultimate skydiving experience in South Carolina. There are few activities that can match the sheer fun and exhilaration of skydiving in South Carolina with Skydiving Georgetown. We look forward to sharing the most incredible experiences of a lifetime with you. Experience the breathtaking panoramic views of the Georgetown area with Skydiving Georgetown.